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About me



My name is Liane Sayuri Honda and although my family has japanese roots, I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I have the Human-centred Design process as basic approach and I am passionate about solving problems.

My core values are fairness and balance between, people, planet and profit.

Outside work, I like music, dancing, drawing, crafts and having good food and drinks with friends.


UX/UI design

User research


interaction design

product design

3D modeling

digital fabrication

graphic design








Bachelor of Arts in Design

University of São Paulo (USP)

Brazil, 2014

Course with a very broad approach and covering the design process in different kinds of projects as graphics, industrial products, urbanism, audiovisual among others.

All just rubbish?

ETH Sustainability Zurich

Switzerland, 2011

Summer school about sustainable product design


Fab Lab Kamp-Lintfort

Germany, 2017

6 months international course focused on digital fabrication applied on textiles and wearables.

MSc. Usability Engineering

Rhein-Waal University

Germany, 2021

Course focused on UX and Human-centred design processes and methods.



Working Experience 

Starting in 2007, I have worked as an intern in two graphic design agencies in São Paulo.

From 2011 to 2014 I worked in a design agency focused on retail design, where I developed projects as retail furnitures and indoor communication using 3D and CAD softwares.

From 2014 to 2016 I was employed as designer in a toy company called Multikids, where I was in charge of the branding, packagings, marketing and products development.

In 2018 I worked as an interaction designer in a 3 months programm called Digital Product School, based in Munich. This programm included several workshops in digital prototyping, AI, UX design, Design Thinking and Agile methologies and processes.

From October of 2018 until April 2019 I worked as an assistant in Fab Lab Kamp-Lintfort, participating in several practical and educational projects, which led me to lead a summer course in Dubai about digital fabrication in textiles in 2019.

Since 2016 until the present I also work as a freelance designer.



I am very interested in design, sustainability, psychology and technology. My greater motivation is to learn as much as I can in these fields of knowledge and develop meaningful products that might make a difference (even if small) in this world.



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