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How might help doctors to document the patient anamnesis and monitor the post-treatment progress

Project developed in the Digital Product School together with Angelica Crone, Julian Zachmann, Lando Löper, Panos Bechlivanos, Raveekiat Singhaphandu.

My Role

User research, user journey, wireframing, prototyping, testing, interaction design, interface design



The process: Double Diamond Model


1. Discover

User-research to find a real problem to be solved. Discovery of the pain points and needs of the user.

2. Define

Definition of the problem and requirements for the solution. Construction of the user journey.

3. Develop

Brainstorming of ideas and development of low-fidelity prototypes and means of quick validations as a landing page.

4. Delivery

Further testing with users and delivery of a high-fidelity prototype.

The solution

After interviewing users from the medical field as doctors and nurses, our team found out that doctors spend a lot of time filling out reports and patient information. 

Our solution provides a digital form for patients to fill while waiting to be received by doctors, containing the general anamnesis questions. This would generate a patient report that can be accessed before the consultation, speeding up the process. Moreover, the doctor can perform a medication crosscheck with the medication taken previously by the patient. This would provide the following benefits:


Moreover, our solution includes a post-treatment monitoring system, where patients can be evaluated from home without having to schedule frequent doctor appointments. 

Below is a video showing the process and interfaces of the solution developed.

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