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Industrial Design

Plant Growing Kit for Children in Urban Domestic Environment

This project aims at developing environmental consciousness through creating affection for plants during childhood with a plant growing kit.

Project developed as Bachelor thesis (2014).

Finalist in the category Design of Social Impact - professional - of the 4th Prêmio Sebrae Minas Design, a national design contest in Brazil.

Participated of the FAU Forma: designers 2015 exhibition.

Participated of the FAU FOrma: designers 10 years exhibition.

Its primer form as a suitcase holds all the structure and items inside it. The upper support and the legs are stored in a back compartment of the
suitcase and can be easily assembled.

The upper support holds 5 pots with water reservoir and a bird with 3 functions: water can, sprinkler and magnifying glass.

In order to adapt itself to different families and spaces, It can be also used on top of a furniture or fixed on the wall, while the suitcase can be
stored in another place as a cabinet.

The kit includes:

  • 5 compact dirt discs,

  • seeds of 5 different species,

  • fertilizer,

  • a scoop,

  • a report notebook,

  • a refrigerator magnet for remembering to water,

  • a watering can (bird's beak),

  • a sprinkler (bird's hat),

  • a magnifying glass (bird's tail),

  • a soil container,

  • a working area as a removable tray to avoid dirting the house,

  • a three-parted binder with eight seed containers attached to collect different species seeds and cards showing instructions and curiosities,

  • 5 pots with water reservoir

  • and 5 seedbed with greenhouse.

To garantee the best height for the target age group (children from 8 to 12 years old) it was made a volumetric paper model and tested with 14 children of this range.

Below, a lateral view as an "X-ray vision" showing the fitting of the upper support parts inside the back compartment of the suitcase and the upper support parts assembled and fixed with screws.

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