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Fabricademy 2017

week 10 - Implications and applications

Illustration of challenges and opportunities of the match point between technology and design.


Individually create a Ultra-personalized product service systems (UPPSS) based on the project you want to develop further as your final project. Make sure that you explore how personalization can happen at more than one level. A customer journey map is expected to be presented the week after where the different levels of personalization are integrated in the design and use of the UPPSS presented.

Final project idea

My final project idea was inspired by a visit to the centre for disabled people in Duisburg called Caritas. There we met an inspiring girl called Rebecca who had paralysis and could not move or talk. She communicated using a computer controlled by her eyes movement, with which she could form sentences, navigate the internet and other activities. 


Based on this, I plan to design a wearable which uses the brain waves as input to perform a simple activity. The goal is that, by using this product, people with paralysis like Rebecca can feel a little more independent on daily tasks. 


The idea of the persona is to give focus to the development of the product by creating a fictional character which represents a group of users. 

User Journey

The idea is to create a Ultra-personalized product service system, based on the previous research on the user's needs.

The idea is to customize the output of the brain waves, coding according to the task the user needs to perform. After usage, the product can be returned and recoded to adapt to new needs.

Furthermore, since it is build with digital fabrication, the aesthetics of the wearable can also be personalized to some extent.

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